Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week in Technology

Hey guys, this post is to talk about something in technology that I am interested in this week.  This week I am all about the use of social networking in the recruiting process.  Although this is not necessarily a new topic this week and has been talked about before I really got into this week.  The use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks in the recruiting process is at a fever pitch with College Football recruiting in full swing.  Whether is the direct contact with kids via the sites, fishing for interests, or just trying to find out where you stand in the kids eyes these sites are used profusely.  Some of the larger programs will have people whose only job is monitoring recruits sites and updating the team's site.  With the ban of texting, it has made finding other ways to contact kids paramount in the recruiting process.  Recruting is the lifeblood of any program and you are only as good as the players you get.  Social networking is here to stay and coaches who figure out the best ways to use it will be here to stay as well.

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